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Yang Law Offices offer a full range of services regarding family law. Family law issues are complicated and time-consuming. If filed incorrectly, you can jeopardize not only your future but the future of your loved ones. Our firm can provide knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that you can trust to help you with all of your family law matters.

Our firm believes that understanding your rights is the first step in enforcing them. That’s why we keep our clients actively informed about their cases from beginning to end. Our attorneys meet one-on-one with clients to first understand their goals and develop a specially tailored case strategy to achieve them. To ensure our clients see the results they deserve, our attorneys always work fast and efficiently to reach these goals. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team of attorneys remains dedicated to serving all of our clients’ needs.

Whether it be the dissolution of marriage or legal separation, our team has all the skills and experience needed to assist you with an efficient and fair divorce.
Child Custody
We assist both mothers and fathers in obtaining fair custody of their children. We put the best interests of the child first.
Child Support
We assist both mothers and fathers in obtaining fair and reasonable child support. Again, we put the best interests of the child first.
We can assist you with determining the proper amount of alimony deserved based on income, custody time, and length of the marriage, among other factors that the court will look at.
Asset Division
Our firm will assist you in fairly and accurately determining, calculating, and dividing all assets from the marriage, including separate property and community property.
Our team provides mediation legal services to individuals looking to avoid litigation and find peaceful, private solutions to family disputes. Our mediation services can help resolve conflicts without either party having to go to court.