Social Marriage: Alternative to Traditional Marriage

As a divorce attorney, I help people who want to end their marriages. I think there’s a better way to do things. So, I wrote a book about it and got it published. The book is called “Social Marriage: All You Need Is Love.” .

Let me break it down for you. The divorce rate is over 50 percent for first-time marriages. It gets worse for second marriages, over 60 percent, and for third marriages, it’s around 75 percent.

Even younger folks these days aren’t so keen on traditional marriage. Many millennials see their friends or parents getting divorced and decide not to get married at all. But still, they feel the pressure. It’s not just one culture or another; it’s everywhere.

That’s where social marriage comes in. It’s almost like traditional marriage, but with one big difference.

In a social marriage, two people commit to a loving relationship without signing a legal document. The thing is, legal marriage has more drawbacks than benefits nowadays.

Marriage has changed so much over the years. Back in the Middle Ages, women had to get married to own property through their husbands. But times have changed.

Here’s the real problem with legal marriage: people sign up for it without knowing all the conditions that can affect them later on. It’s like signing a contract without even knowing what it says.

In a legal marriage, you agree to take on your spouse’s debt without realizing it. And there’s the whole thing about spousal support, who pays whom, for how much, and how long.

Some couples think a prenuptial agreement can help protect them in case of a divorce. But even that has its own issues. Prenups may not always be enforceable, and a judge can decide what’s fair or not.

So, here’s why social marriage is becoming more popular, especially among millennials.


They don’t want to get legally married, dealing with all the invisible terms and the risk of divorce. But they also don’t want the pressure of not getting married at all. So, they opt for a social marriage without the legal paperwork.

I believe in social marriage so much that I practice what I preach. My partner and I have been together for 10 years without a legal marriage certificate. We call each other husband and wife, we live together, and we own a house together.

Everything boils down to communication. If we want to make a decision together, we talk about it and put each other on title.

Discover the practical alternative to traditional marriage – Social Marriage! It’s a commitment built on love and trust without the legal complexities.