Family Law Attorney: Views During Pandemic

In my role as a family law attorney at the Yang Law Offices, I’ve seen cases related to divorce, child custody, support, and domestic issues surge by up to 60 percent compared to before the pandemic.

Lockdowns and extended togetherness have intensified existing relationship challenges, worsened by financial stress, unemployment, and disrupted routines, including children staying at home. This environment has led to more couples seeking Family Law Attorney

While I handle legal complexities, as a Family Law Attorney my primary advice is about preserving marriages. It’s crucial to address relationship issues before they escalate it to a Family Law Attorney. This advice might seem unusual from a divorce attorney, but I believe in promoting happiness and harmony whenever possible.

One practical method to save a struggling marriage and avoid seeking a Family Law Attorney is using the “five love languages” concept. Identifying each partner’s main love language – quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, or gifts – can bridge gaps and prevent conflicts.

If divorce becomes unavoidable, maintaining civility and effective communication is vital. An amicable and rational approach can lead to a simpler, uncontested divorce. Conversely, communication breakdowns can complicate proceedings, causing unnecessary issues and expenses.

Challenges increase when children are involved. COVID-19 has strained custody cases as parents deal with safety concerns and access limitations. The pandemic has sparked debates about children’s interactions and testing.

Throughout the divorce process, acting thoughtfully and considerately is essential, recognizing that true success lies in civility.

In divorce, there are no winners; the goal is to navigate with respect and cooperation. As the pandemic endures, addressing these challenges empathetically and logically can lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

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