Kenneth Leong

Kenneth Leong

Kenneth Leong represents a wide range of Clients in lawsuits in California local & state courts, in US federal courts, and in private negotiations.  His legal experience includes his engineering experience having spent fifteen years in the defense industry working for Raytheon Missile Systems and Lockheed Martin (Skunk Works).  He excels in preventative counseling with Clients to minimize risk and in corrective action counseling to maximize productivity and efficiency.  From his own personal experience, Kenneth also favors Family Law.  He supports a substantive Family Law practice, representing Clients/couples in dissolution, supporting parents in parentage actions, as well as helping victims in domestic violence.

Prior to joining the Yang Law Offices, Kenneth received five undergraduate and post-graduate degrees ranging from a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering (completed in two years and on the Dean’s List practically every quarter with an average 3.5 major GPA) to a Juris Doctor and then a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (from The John Marshall Law School completed in one year) to finally culminating in a Master of Science in Systems Engineering (from The John Hopkins University).  His electrical engineering senior design project incorporated the top three encryption schemes in LabView and his presentation to industry professionals, such as Southern California Edison, was acclaimed.  He was invited to give the same senior design presentation to those local offices.

Before law school, Kenneth worked as a legal assistant in a small downtown Los Angeles boutique Antitrust law firm.  During his first year at law school, he worked in the in-house counsel’s office of a major southern California insurance company, and as a student representative of Lexis-Nexis in his school’s law library.  Shortly after graduating from law school, he was working in a small firm in Orange County, CA., serving non-profit organizations that managed section 8 housing with tax compliance issues.

A large portion of Kenneth’s professional engineering experience was working for Raytheon supporting the Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) which is part of the US’ ballistic shield program, Enhanced Paveway GBU, and AMRAAM programs, as well as many classified programs.  When Ken was working for Lockheed, he ultimately supported Skunk Works and the programs within those hallowed halls, such as the US 5th generation F-35 Lightning stealth plane and F-22 Raptor tactical stealth fighter, and the U-2 spy plane, “Dragon Lady”, which was a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft program still in use.



California State University, Los Angeles, B.A. Political Science, with an option in Pre-Law, and B.S.Electrical Engineering
Western State College of Law, J.D.
The John Marshall Law School, LL.M. in Intellectual Property
The John Hopkins University M.S. in Systems Engineering

Admitted in California

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
US District Courts for several Districts of California