Dr. Alicia Journey

Dr. Alicia Journey

Dr. Alicia Journey is an attorney who is a member of both the California State Bar and the United States Supreme Court Bar. She graduated from Pepperdine School of Law in 2009 with her Juris Doctorate. In the same year, she received a degree in Dispute Resolution from The Strauss Institute. Alicia also has her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences and her B. A. in Neuroscience.

After law school, Dr. Journey was a Deputy District Attorney with the Riverside District Attorney’s office specializing in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse.

After leaving the District Attorney’s office she opened her own law practice, focused on a holistic approach to supporting survivors of domestic violence and their children. She has walked hundreds of survivors through the process of healing and empowerment for their next stage in life.

After a Near-Death-Experience in 2016. Dr. Journey began experiencing what she calls ‘supernatural gifts’ which allow her to tap into the infinite wisdom that is available ‘on the other side of the veil’. She then translates the messages received so that her clients have clear, concise, and practical steps to implement when addressing areas of concern in their lives. Dr. Journey combines her extensive personal and professional experiences with the messages received from Spirit allowing clients to strategically create by design the life they are meant to live.

She is also dedicated to assisting those who are going through the spiritual awakening process. As ‘The Awakening Doula®’Dr. Journey walks alongside her clients as they go through the chrysalis process necessary for enlightenment. She did it alone and now you don’t have to.